NGR: TQ287846
ITU Zone: 27
CQ Zone: 14
M1BWT - London, UK (IO91wn)
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Welcome to the home of M1BWT - a UK registered amateur radio station - operated by Simon Chudley. These pages are dedicated to my hobby of Ham radio, with details of my station, operations and interests.

I've previously been active on HF from my old QTH of North London, England (IO91wn). Located a short distance from the popular Camden Town Market, I ran a modest setup within an inner city environment.

Having recently moved my station is temporarily off-air, but will hopefully be re-established shortly.

I've been a registered amateur radio operator since 1997, but have only recently returned to the air after a break of ~ 10 years.

If you would like to contact me off air, please send me a mail to simon@m1bwt.me.

Please QSL via http://www.eqsl.cc - see my Contact Logbook for recent activity, and details of my Station QSL Cards.

Station Equipment

Details of my radio and shack setup
Station Antennas

Antennas in use at my QTH
Mobile Radio Setup

Details of my mobile setup in the car
Contact Logbook

Contact logbook showing recent activity on the air
M1BWT History

History of M1BWT and my radio operating career
Station QSL Cards

The design of my station QSL cards
Learning Morse Code

Tips and tools for learning CW
Amateur Radio Logging

FREE Amateur radio logging software for Windows
Radio Resources

Some useful online resources related to Amateur Radio
Amateur Radio Picture Gallery

Gallery of various Amateur Radio pictures

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