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The Amateur Radio Utility v1.5 is a home logging program designed for Windows to help radio operators keep track of their on-air contacts. This product has been available free since 1999 but is no longer under development. I do, however, still provide support to those who use it.

The software is ideally suited to running on older PCs, or where an easy to use home logging solution is required without need for advanced features such as radio control. The software runs well on Windows 95 through to Windows XP, and aims to let the operator concentrate on operating the radio, not the logging software!

The following sections explain in more detail the features of this software product, as well as instructions on downloading and installing it.

You can additionally download the source code (Delphi) and code your own updates!

Product Features

The easy to use interface allows log entries to be entered, managed and modified with minimal effort. As all logbook data is stored within databases, entries can be fetched and stored quickly, and accessible navigational controls allow contacts to be controlled to suit your personal needs.

This program also has fully customisable smart fields, helping the user enter information quickly. Various fields feature auto-complete options, allowing users to enter partial time and dates leaving the application to generate the rest.

Users can adjust the interface to make commonly used features more accessible, and use customisable short cuts for quick access to tools. The software will, for example, give details of your last QSO with a given station as soon as you enter their call in a new entry.

Summary of Features

  • Easy to use 'point and click' Windows GUI interface
  • Switch between log, contest and archived file in one click
  • Customised QSL label printing
  • Import/export whole or partial logs using RSGB LOG format or to CSV
  • Import contacts from Region 1 Contest format
  • Locator distance and bearing mapping
  • Search multiple logbook files from one wizard
  • Re-sort whole logbook back into date/time order automatically
  • Intelligent fields correct common entry mistakes
  • Customise smart fields to your own requirements
  • Field wizards help you to enter the correct information
  • Instant frequency band identification
  • Store contact information for stations to recall automatically on your next contact
  • Record stations address, comments, email and locators

  • Smart-icons and toolbars for quick access to commonly used features
  • Assign custom short-cut keys to various functions
  • Callsign prefix detector displays a callsigns origin country
  • Easy to use wizards to help you perform tasks quickly
  • Use frequency allocations plug-ins for your country
  • Auto-resize, window changes for maximum viewing ability
  • Designed for quick entry using keyboard and shortcuts
  • Use system tray for minimum desktop footprint
  • Over 1000 registered users worldwide
  • Quick database storage, instantly records contacts
  • Over 100 pages of help
  • And it is completely FREE!

Product History

I designed and developed the first version of this product when I was taking my UK Amateur Radio Examinations in 1997 (more details on M1BWT History). Being interested in both programming and amateur radio at the time, I decided to develop this product to initially be used at home. I was a Delphi/Pascal programmer back then, hence the current version being written in Delphi 3. In March 1999 the product was released via my old website, under the name 'SRC Software'. Since then it has remained available for free and has over 1000 registered users world wide.

The first release date also coincided with the start of my University degree, so development of this product halted (I discovered C/C++!). However, you can download the Delphi source code for the last version, and make the changes you wish to it.

Downloading and Installing

You can download the full version of this application from this site for free (see below). Unzip this using winzip or alike, and then run setup.exe from that directory.

The application will prompt you for various information on startup, such as location etc.

Download AMV1 - follow this link!

Once installed, return to this page and enter the registration details below. This will give you the code required to unlock the full version.

Remember to drop me an email to if you make use of this application - I'm always interested to know!

Please see the links to the left in the toolbar for other relevant information and products.

Software Registration

To unlock the full power of the application you need to enter a registration code. I no longer require that users run through the registration process - you can simply use the code below on startup to give full access to all features:

Software: Amateur Radio Utility
Version: v1.500
Serial: AMV10009
Released: 20/09/1999
Code: 52-41-74

I would, however, be grateful for anybody that plans to use this software just to drop me an email to - I'm always interested to see who's using it and what they think. I had great fun creating it, and I hope you have as much fun using it!

Country Prefix Bug

There is one reported bug within this software. It occurs when the user enters a callsign that starts with a country prefix not listed within the applications database. This causes the software to attempt to access an element in a list which does not exists, raising an error. However, as this operation occurs within a timer loop, large amounts of errors occur in a short period of time, and eventually the program terminates.

The bug can be prevented easily by changing an option. The option that needs to be disabled is callsign prefix identification. Click on Options, General Preferences. Then click on the Smart Fields tab, and select the entry at the top of the left list, Whole Contact. Then uncheck the 'Collect Country Information' checkbox in the right hand list. Next, click on the 'Station Call' entry in the left list, and again unselect 'Collect Country Information' in the lower right hand list. This will disable the feature, but you can still calculate prefixes using Tools, Callsign Prefix Country.

A better fix is to add the callsign prefix to the data file yourself - see details of the AMV1 Editor Pack.

Related Tools

The AMV1 Editor Pack tool allows you to edit the frequency and callsign databases within AMV1.

The AMV1 ASCII Converter tool allows you to import data from other logbook programmes into AMV1.

Free Source Code

This software was written in Delphi 3 & 5. You can download the source code free and make changes for your own needs. However, please ensure you retain all the copyright and original author information in any redistributed package or material.

Download AMV1 source code - follow this link!

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