AMV1 ASCII Converter

The AMV1 ASCII converter tool is provided to allow you to easily convert from text based logbook formats into AMV1 DB format. You can use the tool to import multiple log entries into AMV1 with little effort.

For example, you may have an exported copy of your logbook in CSV (comma separated) format, with fields in a random order. This tool allows you to select the separator in use, and select the custom order of fields for that format. It can handle date/times in different formats as well as fields enclosed in quotes.

Finally, you can save your conversion settings for easy use at a later date.

Included below are steps on how to download and install the application, and how to perform a conversion routine.

Tool Usage

The tool provides a simple wizard with steps to allow you to cover logbook files.

  1. Start the application, clicking next at the initial screen.
  2. Select the source ASCII logbook file you wish to convert from (an example SWL.TXT file is included within the installation directory).
  3. Select a target logbook output file.
  4. Click next and select in the text field the character that represents the field separator, clicking the appropriate button.
  5. After clicking next you can now select the field order by moving available fields from the left hand list to the right.
  6. On the next screen select the date/time format and separator.
  7. The next screen allows you to sample convert one field.
  8. On the final screen you have the option to save this conversion details, and to convert all the selected data.
  9. Once complete, run AMV1, select File, Import Database, select ASCII format, choose your output file from the previous step and hit import.

Note the application comes with sample conversion routines (see File, Open Conversion Routines) within SWL.CWZ corresponding to the sample log input SWL.TXT.

Downloading & Installation

Download the tool using this link, and extract to a temporary directory. You can then run the SETUP.EXE installation tool and follow the wizard.

Refer to the README.TXT file within the release archive for further details.

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