Cover Sheet Generator

The Cover Sheet Generator tool is designed to allow you to quickly index large video files, creating a set of cover sheets (JPGs).

You can then use these to easily browse the content of your videos without having to scan through them, similar to browsing a set of thumbnail images.

The tool can be configured to take frame stills at periodic points throughout the video, allowing you to control how frequent they are taken, and how they are presented in the cover sheets.

As the tool is fully automated, it'll create a set of JPG files containing the cover images prefixed with the video name. The process of generating these is very quick, allowing you to quickly build up a complete index of all your videos in no time!


  • Reads common MPG and AVI formats (note some newer encodings may need additional codecs to be installed).
  • Configurable sampling of still snapshots. Tool will place the still timestamp above the thumbnail images.
  • Select output thumbnail image width, count and spacing - application will automatically pick the best positioning for presentation.
  • Output files generated using JPEG with controllable compression.
  • Automatic output file naming; e.g. input summer.mpg will generate summer.mpg_1.jpg, summer.mpg_2.jpg etc.


  • Run the application (just double click CoverGenerator.exe).
  • Select the input video using the browse button at the top left.
  • Select an existing target directory for the output JPG files to be generated in.
  • Set your desired image width, sample frequency, thumbnail spacing and image array width.
  • View the information at the bottom of the window for details on how many cover JPG files that configuration will make.
  • Click 'Create'!

Download & Installation

Download the zipped tool using this link Save and extract that archive, leaving CoverGenerator.exe and README.TXT.

There is no installation required for this tool - simply run CoverGenerator.exe!


When sampling a large video (screen size wise), some portion of the screen is truncated?

Ensure that the preview window that is shown when you select a video file is completely visible before hitting 'Create', otherwise portions of the video can get truncated.

The preview (or generated thumbnails) show error 'Video not available, cannot find 'X' decompressor'?

Some video formats require the appropriate codec to be installed (note, this application won't always use the same codec as Windows Media Player). Download and install the appropriate codec to resolve this issue.

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